If you’ve been in the sport long enough, there is almost a guarantee that at some point, something has caused you pain. Whether it was a rolled ankle, painful wrist, or tight lower back; it’s almost inevitable. As athletes (and coaches), we must learn to differentiate between something that hurts and something that is injured.
First and foremost, if there is something that hurts, it needs to be brought up. There shouldn’t be a fear of talking to your coaches, parent, or team medical staff about an injury. Not all injuries or pain mean that you have to be removed from activities. What I see in my clinic a lot are injuries that could easily have been fixed from the beginning, but because someone ignored it for so long, it becomes more challenging to make better.
If the pain you are experiencing isn’t from a big trauma (fall, twisted ankle, etc), then likely it is coming from overuse or misuse and can be fixed rather quickly. The most important first step is to talk to someone. If something hurts no matter what you do, that is likely an injury and is perhaps more serious. If the pain you’re experiencing “comes and goes” with certain activities, it likely means that the way you are performing a certain activity needs to be cleaned up before it becomes an injury.
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