There are two things that most athletes want when it comes to their body. Look good and perform well. In order for these two things to happen, we have to give it the proper fuel and use it in a way that requires it to change (cheer activities and exercise).

One main issue that we see in our sport is that of body image. Many (not all) girls want to be smaller and leaner and guys want to be bigger and stronger. No matter what your goal is, proper diet and nutrition is the cornerstone to get you there.
There are 4 major nutrients that each athlete should be consuming on a regular basis:
Protein- Considered the most important nutrient. Protein is the major building block for muscle and is a key contributor in body composition (how you look).
Fat- Often seen as a something “bad”. Fat is extremely important to have in the diet because it is a key contributor to hormone production. A diet too little in fat can make the body not perform properly.
Carbs- Another demonized nutrient; carbohydrates are found in things like fruits, starches, veggies, and many processed foods. They are not bad, but like the other nutrients, should be consumed in the right quantity based on the athlete’s needs.
Fiber- The often forgotten nutrient. Fiber has many roles in the body, primarily in helping to keep your digestive system healthy as well as helping to burn fat. Fiber is considered a “thermogenic” nutrient, meaning it slightly increases your body temperature which can help to burn fat.
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