There are two factors working against cheerleaders when it comes to knee health. Number 1, athletes focus primarily on strengthening the thigh muscles and stretching the hamstrings. This creates a huge imbalance in the function of the lower body and leaves the knee in the middle wondering, “what the heck?!”.
Number 2, due to the age of most cheer athletes, there are conditions like Osgood- Schlatter and Jumpers Knee that leave the front of the knee feeling like it was stabbed with something sharp…No. Fun.
Both of these can lead to pain based on the quadricep (thigh) muscles being overly tight. Lucky for us, there is an instrument that can help us with this…a Foam Roller. If you experience pain in the front of your knee, rolling tight or tense muscles on the foam roller can decrease the tone of the muscle and reduce the amount of pulling or tension that they have on the front of the knee. This reduction in stress can alleviate knee pain!
As you roll, make sure to avoid areas that cause pain or numbness and tingling. Discomfort is expected, but not pain. Roll until you notice a reduction in the amount of tenderness or tightness of the thigh muscles. Perform everyday and after a few days, there should be some decrease in the amount of pain in the front of the knee!