Shin Pain

There are many things that can cause pain in the front of the lower leg.  A common one that we address here is tibialis posterior tendonopathy.  The tib posterior is a muscle in the lower leg that helps to control movement of the foot.  It has a long tendon that runs down the back of the shin bone and when our foot mechanics are off or through over use, we can irritate this tendon which can lead to pain in the shin.

Step 1

Using your thumb or a lacrosse ball, trace down the backside of your shin (toward your calf) until you find an area that feels “knotty” or tender (or both).  Stop on that spot and begin to move your foot in circles. Continue until you feel a noticeable change in the discomfort that you feel.  For some this may take 15 seconds…for others, up to a couple minutes.  Side note, if you feel anything numb or tingling, get off that area.

Step 2

Using a book, exercise plate, or something else flat…perform a version of a calf (soleus) stretch.  By tilting the foot this way, we bring the tib posterior into the stretch considerably more.  Hold this stretch for 60-120 seconds and slowly ease out of it.

Step 3

Using the ice cupping method, ice the tender areas of the shin.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to keep the ice continually moving and to go no longer than 6 minutes as this method using ice to skin contact.  We don’t want to get frostbite!

If you are suffering from shin pain, give this method a shot and check out the video for a demo!